Membership Program Development

Create outstanding member experiences to maximize member value and retention.

Many associations and membership organizations face considerable challenges – failure to understand members’ needs and expectations, ineffective member recruitment strategies, poor member engagement strategies, mediocre membership benefits and high member attrition rates.

Our Approach

We will partner with you to strengthen your organization’s operations and enhance your membership benefits and services. To guide our work, we will use our proprietary membership product, Membership Blueprint™. During the project, we will facilitate strategy sessions, coach your team members and create custom tools.

Depending on your needs and interests, the project can focus on activities such as the following:

  • Complete a Membership Program SWOT Analysis.
  • Conduct a Member Satisfaction Survey.
  • Craft a Membership Program Strategy Map and Strategy Scorecard.
  • Develop a Membership Benefits Plan.
  • Prepare member-centric Job Descriptions and a Membership Committee Charter.

  • Create a Member Marketing & Recruitment Plan.
  • Build a Member Orientation & Onboarding Program.
  • Devise a Member Engagement Plan.
  • Prepare a Member Communications Plan.
  • Create a Membership Program Budget.

Your Results

Our work together will lead to:

  • increases in the number of members
  • higher member engagement levels
  • higher member satisfaction rates
  • higher member retention rates

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