Strategic Planning

Craft a winning strategy and execute it flawlessly to navigate the challenges and capture the opportunities ahead.

All organizations today – companies, governments and nonprofits – face a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. To meet these challenges and capture these opportunities, an organization, regardless of its size, industry or sector, requires a strategic plan to clearly define the best course of action to take in the years ahead. Without knowing its strategic direction, an organization wanders aimlessly with ever-shifting priorities.

Our Approach

Our strategic planning approach is built on a series of six (6) major strategic planning phases – project administration, organizational and environmental assessment, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, performance monitoring and strategy modification. With us as your strategy navigator, we’ll guide you through all of the phases. Several of the key elements within these phases are:

  • Establish a Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Orient committee members to strategic planning and strategy management.
  • Identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Analyze customers, competitors and other stakeholders.
  • Identify strategic issues to address during the strategic planning process.
  • Create, update or reaffirm the mission, vision and values statements.

  • Formulate pillars of excellence and strategic goals and objectives.
  • Develop and prioritize strategic initiatives.
  • Define performance measures and set performance targets.
  • Assemble the pieces into an integrated Strategic Plan, Strategy Map and Strategy Scorecard.
  • Cascade and communicate the strategic plan inside and outside your organization.
  • Build a strategy management and strategy monitoring system.

After we complete our engagement, we can collaborate with you at scheduled intervals to:

  • Strategy Check-Ins:  Provide ongoing strategy coaching, guidance and support.
  • Strategy Tune-Ups:  Update or revise your strategic plan.

Your Results

You’ll have living strategy documents, designed to assist you to be strategically agile when your internal organization and external environment change. Moreover, you will have:

  • Guidance and Support: Our approach yields a strategic plan that is a framework that orients, guides and supports internal stakeholders as they fulfill your organization’s mission.
  • Enhanced Organizational Performance: Our approach ensures your entire organization is centered on achieving its strategic goals and objectives and reaching its performance targets.
  • Increased Stakeholder Commitment: Our approach is an inclusive planning process to build commitment and foster ownership of your strategic plan.
  • Increased Employee Accountability: Our approach ensures every employee can see his/her role in your strategic plan.
  • Improved Understanding: Our approach improves employees, board members and other stakeholders’ understanding of your organization’s strategy.

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