Meeting Facilitation

Host well-orchestrated, efficient and energizing meetings to yield extraordinary results.

So many meetings are a complete waste of time. The most common reasons for these failures are poor pre-meeting planning, unfocused and directionless facilitation, distracted and unengaged participation and no or limited post-meeting follow-up. As a meeting organizer, it is difficult to juggle the coordination and facilitation demands while still actively participating in a meeting.

Our Approach

We will guide your group through a virtual or in-person meeting to plan, set priorities, brainstorm ideas, solicit input, solve problems, make decisions or build consensus. We will use our meeting techniques and tools to facilitate your executive team meetings, corporate retreats, planning sessions, community meetings and the like.

We will work side-by-side with you to coordinate the major meeting planning and facilitation activities, including:

  • Meeting Planning:  Clarify the meeting purpose and expected outcomes; identify the meeting participants; and manage the meeting logistics.
  • Meeting Design:  Identify the meeting questions and discussions topics; define the meeting environment; and craft the meeting agenda.
  • Meeting Facilitation:  Facilitate the meeting to maximize participation.
  • Meeting Reporting:  Record and summarize the key meeting discussions, decisions, agreements and action steps.

The bottom line – we will ensure all your pre-meeting planning, in-meeting activities and post-meeting activities are effectively coordinated.

Your Results

As a result of our meeting facilitation services, you will have:

  • more productive and efficient meetings
  • increased participation
  • greater participant buy-in
  • higher-quality decisions
  • conflicts and issues resolved and problems solved

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