Grant Writing

Produce winning grant proposals and high-quality grants management tools to increase your grant success.

Foundations, corporations and federal, state and local governments award billions of dollars annually to nonprofits, governments and even businesses. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to win grants in a competitive marketplace so grantseekers must know how to interpret grantmakers’ funding priorities, address grantmakers’ funding requirements and craft winning grant proposals.

Our Approach

We will partner with you to build a customized Grants Navigator™ Grantsmanship Toolkit. The toolkit will assist your organization to more effectively manage the entire Grant Life Cycle. Some of the key phases in the life cycle include grantmaker identification and research, grantmaker cultivation, proposal development, grant management and grantmaker stewardship.

The centerpiece of your Grantsmanship Toolkit will be a Master Grant Proposal that will serve as a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that can be tailored to fit specific grant opportunities. Some of the toolkit elements can include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Organizational Overview
  • Statement of Need
  • Program Descriptions, Goals, Objectives and Expected Outcomes
  • Personnel Plan

  • Sustainability Plan
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Budget and Budget Justification
  • Letters of Commitment
  • Appendices and Attachments

Your Results

After you implement your Grantsmanship Toolkit, you will have a more efficient and effective grant pursuit method, proposal development process and grants management practices. Moreover, you will have better program design, heightened focus on outcomes and greater emphasis on sustainability. Most importantly, your grant success rate and grant revenue will be boosted.

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