Survey Design & Administration

Conduct robust and data-rich surveys to gain valuable insights into the minds of your stakeholders.

Innumerable leaders rely on their intuition or “gut feeling” as their primary decision-making tool. Many of these leaders do so because it seems to offer a reliable alternative to fact gathering and analysis. However, extraordinary leaders understand that they cannot simply trust their gut when faced with difficult decisions.

Survey research provides an excellent alternative or compliment to intuition as a decision-making tool. The survey research can yield reliable and useful data to inform decision making. In fact, survey research can be one of the most reliable and cost-effective research methods to get meaningful feedback from stakeholders.

Our Approach

As your survey research partner, we’ll use online surveys to collect data from a predetermined group of respondents to gain insights on topics of interest to your organization. These respondents can be customers, members, users, employees, vendors, suppliers, strategic partners and so on. The survey can be administered to gather information about respondents’ needs, interests, satisfaction, opinions, perceptions, feelings, awareness, etc.

We will work with you to complete the major phases of the survey project including:

  • Project Planning:  Define the survey project purpose, goals, scope, target respondents, sampling methods, etc.
  • Survey Design:  Determine the survey question types (e.g., multiple choice, open-ended, rankings and rating scales) and survey questions and design the survey layout.
  • Survey Distribution:  Distribute the survey to the target respondents via selected methods (e.g., email, social media and website) and collect responses.
  • Data Analysis:  Analyze the survey data.
  • Report Preparation:  Prepare the survey report.

Your Results

You will be able to use your survey results to make more informed decisions and formulate strategies about customer service, marketing campaigns, employee engagement, vendor management and so on.

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