Business Planning

Actively plan to position your organization to climb to higher levels of performance.

Whether you’re starting a new company or social enterprise or expanding an existing one, a sound business plan is an essential tool to plot your operational course, map out your growth strategy or secure funding.

Our Approach

Your business plan is your roadmap to success, providing clarity on all aspects of your company or social enterprise, from marketing to operations to finance. Together, we’ll develop a business plan that can be shared with investors, lenders, partners, board members, management or employees. Your comprehensive and detailed business plan will include narrative, tables, charts, graphs and images and incorporate elements such as:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Product and/or Service Descriptions
  • Industry Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Management Team
  • Financial Plan and Projections
  • Appendices and Supporting Information

Your Results

Your business plan will help you to:

  • increase clarity and focus
  • better understand the competitive landscape
  • strengthen your business concept
  • recruit and retain talent
  • make better decisions
  • reduce risks
  • guide and grow your business

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